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Courses offered at Digital Marketing Academy

Digital Marketing Academy (DMA) is an exciting opportunity for graduates & working professionals who wish to embark on a career in the Online Media Marketing Industry. DMA provides hands-on training with in-depth of Digital Media Marketing. You can choose Digital Marketing (50 classes or sessions) as one complete course or can choose to start with one of the Digital Marketing modules (each module is about 16 classes or sessions) at a time. The 3 main modules of Online / Digital Marketing includes 1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), 2. Social Media Optimization (SMO), 3. Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

In our Digital Marketing In-depth training course, the selected candidates will learn how to research, plan, set up and manage the full range of online marketing campaigns. We then aim to find each candidate a new media job across a range of businesses and industries. You will review on how to maximize search marketing potential for your own company or any client, how to create a social media marketing strategy, execute an email marketing campaign, and draft marketing copy for blogs and websites, etc.. During the course you will also get to work with real account managers on live digital marketing campaigns. You will also go through one-to-one sessions with the faculty during the course, who will help you with your career planning. We will make sure at the end of the course, you will have the skills and confidence to run and manage a range of digital marketing campaigns.

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"Digital marketing training is what we do.. and its all we do.."

Digital Marketing Academy prepares you and your organization for the digital era. It's our passion. You might be asking yourself – and rightly so – “hasn’t this been done before?” We don’t think so. And if it has been done before, it certainly hasn’t been done like this.

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