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Q: I am not very Tech savvy. Are these courses technical?

A: No, in the sense that it is not a programming course, and you will not have to learn any coding. All of the Digital Marketing Training courses focusses on how to, best implementation strategies and the commercial aspect of online marketing.

Q: What is the difference between the long term digital marketing course and short term courses like SEO course, SMO Course, Linkedin Course, etc..?

A: Long term Digital Marketing course highlights the every aspect of Digital Marketing including SEO, SMO, SEM and other tools. Short term courses focusses in-depth training on that particular concept..

Q: What is the dress code?

A: While the majority of our students are working professionals, the dress code at our courses is casual.

Q: Is there an exam?

A: No, there is no exam involved in any of DMA courses. Instead students need to complete an assignment if they wish to acquire certification.

Q: Can I reschedule a missed lecture?

A: If you miss a module on any of the courses, it is possible to catch up as an online video of the topic can be made available. All requests for video reschedules must be arranged with admin department via email. You can also schedule appointment of 15 - 30 mins one to one  with faculty if you have any queries or strategies that you might want to discuss..

Q: Where are the courses held?

A: Most of our courses are held in our Ameerpet Branch, which is a state of the art training facility. Some short courses are also held in other city center locations..


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