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Our digital marketing courses open the door to the world of Digital Marketing. Learn its ways through industry oriented courses at engaging and work centric environment.

We at Digital Marketing Academy, offer various training sessions. Considering the busy schedules of the participants and the office timings, our classes are conducted early in morning and evening after office hours. We also have weekend sessions.

Whether you are seeking a detailed understanding of the entire digital marketing or wants to learn only a specific module, you can select the courses as per your preference. Our in-depth digital marketing course is consisted of three primary modules namely, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Optimization (SMO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). The in-depth course is completed in 50 sessions; it takes around 16 sessions/classes to cover each module.

Digital Marketing In-Depth Course in Hyderabad
Digital Marketing Course Training Institute in Hyderabad

DMA offers in-depth course on digital marketing, covering every possible aspect related to marketing. A wide array of topics is dealt in detail, with professional insights of the industry and hands-on-experience. Our extensive classes on digital marketing cover SEO management, Social media optimization, search engine marketing as well as discuss email marketing, Google analytics, and affiliate advertising along with Google adsense. From learning basics of marketing to knowing the latest trend to understating the various digital platforms and utilizing them for further growth and exposure of your organisation, our participants can gain immensely from the courses.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Course in Hyderabad
Search Engine Optimization SEO Course Training Institute in Hyderabad

Every business aims to get the desired exposure and traffic to their website. Understanding the basics of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the first step towards it. It leads to higher ranking in organic search results through improvised on-page ranking, exploring the right keywords usage and links along with exploring other internal and external influencing factors. We are offering SEO course in Hyderabad with the aim of educating professionals and graduates about the role SEO plays in the visibility of a website and in turn of the concerned companies. Our experts impart knowledge about the latest development in digital field and refined ways in which SEO can be utilised.

Google Adwords / Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Course in Hyderabad
Google Adwords / Search Engine Marketing / SEM / PPC Course Training Institute in Hyderabad

The secret in the success of every successful business lies in its effective digital marketing strategy. Search Engine Marketing course, one of the primary parts of our Digital Marketing training, offer participants with an in-depth understanding of the Google search and detailed analysis of various models of paid advertising such as Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing and Microsoft Adcentre. Our SEM course breaks down the complexities of digital world into simpler way, training participants on how to make full use of Google landscape, how to devise effective marketing strategy while keeping oneself updated on the latest trend.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) Course in Hyderabad
Social Media Marketing SMM Course Training Institute in Hyderabad

Emerging as one of the key influencing factor of Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing (SMM) also known as Social Media Optimization (SMO) offers a wide range of opportunities for improving brand awareness; attracting customers, partners and vendors; for understanding the market sentiments and in result fulfilling the business’s objective. SMM is now a necessary of subset of any digital marketing courses. It has become imperative to understand the potential that social media tools such as Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, PInterest, etc, hold. Not only for marketing, our SMO course (social media optimization) also train participants on how to use it for improving sales, in product development, HR, CRM, etc.

Who can apply for the DMA digital Marketing classes?

Our Digital Marketing classes are conducted for everyone; whoever is interested in getting acquainted with digital world. Most of our participants are:

  • Any Graduate
  • Post-graduates with Management Background
  • Professionals (PR, Advertising and Branding, Marketing, Faculty, Communications)

Best Digital Marketing Training in Hyderabad

"Digital marketing training is what we do.. and its all we do.."

Digital Marketing Academy prepares you and your organization for the digital era. It's our passion. You might be asking yourself – and rightly so – “hasn’t this been done before?” We don’t think so. And if it has been done before, it certainly hasn’t been done like this.

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