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At Digital Marketing Academy India, we offer much more than a classroom setting. Here are the reasons how we do that!

Together We Work

At DMA, we motivate our participants to work together; to plan together and to brainstorm together- to learn from each other.

Assignments are given for groups of 3-4 participants. This is to encourage peer to peer learning; collaboration and team spirit. We believe that by working in groups, participants as well as trainers come across different set of ideas and discussions; leading to broaden understanding of the digital marketing.

Hands on Experience!

Every project that has been included in our digital marketing course has been designed are topic centric. Each focuses on training participants on varied requisites of digital marketing; varying from strategies to grow a business to developing plans for successful SEM campaign or SEO campaign or to understand the basics of a SMO campaign.

A holistic understanding of the process as well as a practical understanding of its intricacies is what we intend to equip our participants with.

Life Long Support

It might sound too farfetched but we do stand by it! Once a member of DMA, always a member of DMA.

Apart from assisting in placement, our expert trainers with their first-hand experience of the industry always try to help participants whenever they need; offering their valuable guidance and suggestions.

Experienced Speakers from the Industry

Digital marketing course at DMA also includes lectures and talks with digital marketers, who come and share their personal experiences in the industry, their initial difficulties, their perspective on the current and future of digital marketing, valuable tips on industry practices, etc.

Interaction with them helps participants in gaining better understand of the field.

Constant Evaluation

Although we don’t believe in rating the performance of our participants or labelling them under marks card, trainers at DMA do carry on constant assessment through various means. Team and individual feedback, self reflection, assessment of projects and one to one interaction are a few ways.

Focus on doing

At DMA, we adhere to the concept of experiential learning. Apart from the course and basic introduction on the know-how of digital marketing, the focus is on learning through doing it, not by listening to it.

Trainers use practical-oriented approach, encouraging the participants to try their hands on creating and executing digital marketing plan; and in the process, learning it.

Online Digital Marketing Course

Soon, we are going to start our online courses as well.

Participants who cannot be present for the digital marketing training in Hyderabad will have complete access to our courses materials which has been dotted with live interaction with the trainers, assignments and feedback accordingly.

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