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The defining feature of social media like that of digital marketing is its changeability. Keeping a track of latest trends is something which digital marketing experts need to live by.

Here are some of the latest trends to imbibe effectual social media strategy

Get Visual

Catch your customer’s attention with captivating graphics and images. “Get visual” is the mantra every brand must follow not in this year but in the coming years too. Popularity of apps such as Vine, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat clearly demonstrate the position visual elements hold in the world of social media.

Researches have shown that the posts which are accompanied by a relevant image do better than those without one. This year, we can see many brands have promptly imbibed this trend by creating visually attractive marketing campaigns. At the same time, it is also required to be consistent in the way you create your content; a researched and defined approach does make your visuals even better.

Mobile Apps– A Big Yes

For brands, smart phones and their ever increasing reach is nothing less than a boon; from creating awareness to ultimate sales, it lets companies reach customers on a personal level. Sms or text messaging is still one of the key marketing tools used by companies. Push notifications, in-app recommendations, and its new reach via internet and specifically social media, let brands to be with customers throughout their decision making. The increasing penetration of mobile, worldwide has reached up to a whopping 93%; this emphasises the need for brands to create mobile centric websites and apps. Apps not only lead to user friendly experience but also lets you measure your customer’s behaviour.

Social advertising- Integrate

The impact of social media advertising is not something unknown to digital marketers. It will be easier to achieve the desired result when various social media tools are combined. Sourcing behavioural data of your targeted customers from your brand’s website, emails and various apps and interlinking them would yield many opportunities. While this is one of the recent trends, many brands are already utilising it. In fact, by integrating differing marketing tools, brands can create a more relevant marketing strategy which won’t appear as too commercialised; resulting in improved and more humanised brand image.

Videos speak, literally

Nothing catches as much attention as a visually appealing and emotionally rich content. Customers wouldn’t wish to waste their time in something boring and irrelevant in their fast paced lifestyle and hectic schedules. Hence, to catch their attention, it is imperative to create something which they can watch while on the go and remember it too. In this regard, videos come a long way. Social videos are an impactful way to communicating with customers. Tools such as Vine, Instavid, Snapchat, Hyperlapse let brands associate with customers at a very basic level; in turn assisting them in creating a positive image. However, creative and focussed content without losing the emotional touch is what brands need to do while using social videos.

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